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Making your own personal signature perfume blend is easier than you think.  

Remember that geranium extends the aroma of rose and ylang extends the aroma of jasmine.  Neroli tends to extend the aroma of rose or jasmine.

Including a natural fixative like cistus or frankincense can give a longer lasting aroma.  

Sp specialise in the supply of precious oils Helichrysum, Rose Otto, Rose absolute, Neroli, Jasmine (Indian, Egyptian and Moroccan) and Sandalwood (Indian, New Caledonian and Australian).   These do sell out quite quickly on harvest so do let us have your requirements in advance.

Combined with 15ml carrier oils of jojoba organic or argan organic (evening primrose organic is an economical and beneficial alternative carrier) they make excellent perfumes and moisturisers.  We supply 15ml, 30ml, 50ml glass serum bottles with lotion pump and overcaps.Purchasing the jojoba or argan in these means you have only to add your essential oils. Add a dab to wrists, neck and behind the ears for your perfume mix or create your own moisturising body oil.

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